Songbird Shop

Exceptional goods made by exceptional people

 In conjunction with our vocational training programs, CLAC trains and employs many of our clients in-house through the innovative Songbird Shoppes concept. Through the Songbird Shoppes, our clients gain valuable real world experience in a retail setting under the direct supervision of our staff. Operating two retail enterprises, our clients perform all vital business activities, such as merchandising, cash handling, inventory control, stocking, light janitorial, and basic accounting functions. They also create and build many of the products we sell in our bird and gift shop. 

 Our guests are a vital part of our development programs, and each visitor to the Songbird Shoppes provides invaluable experience for our clients. Stop in and see what we have to offer.  When you shop at Songbird Shoppes, you help fulfill our mission! 

 Find everything you need to decorate your garden and attract your favorite feathered friends to your home in our Bird Store. From hand-crafted birdhouses and feeders to specialty seed blends and unique decorative pieces, we have what you need to create a unique and vibrant environment in your backyard!