Jobs & Training

Pre-vocational Training


 Pre-vocational training is designed to meet the vocationally-minded individual to learn skills that are focused on building physical skills that are required by jobs identified by the person’s interest inventories. Specialized activities include fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, tolerance for sitting or standing, and/or sorting, matching, as defined by the chosen career focus. All activities feature a theme for consistency in job performance and understanding the elements of successful job-related activities.  

Life Skills and Vocational Training


 Work habits and technical skills are the key focus areas for Life Skills and Vocational Training.  Job skill development, job interest inventories, job exploration, transitioning to work, personal hygiene, and interpersonal communication skill development are all part of the learning experience persons served receive.  Crafting Enterprises is part of this area that provides opportunities for persons served to create quality craft items for sale.  The Center’s document shredding operation provides paid work experience combined with valuable vocational training. Paid work experiences in-Center and in the community along with visits to community establishments provide a methodology for individuals to learn in “real time”. 

Supported Employment


 Supported employment provides persons served opportunities for paid work, with the support of trained staff to further skills and stresses quality on the job. Supported employment provides supports that are individualized based on the amount and type of support needed. Persons served may work independently at community businesses with an occasional check-in from a job coach, or may work in small groups with a job coach to meet the needs of community businesses.  Primary supported employment opportunities include receptionist, cleaning/janitorial, housekeeping, dish washing, retail/point of sale, food service, business associate, inventory management, merchandising, and stock clerks.   

Contract cleaning and housekeeping


  • Thorough and efficient
  • Work group structure
  • Cohort or special minimum wage pay
  • Reliable transportation 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

 We are not simply placing job candidates in open positions.  Instead, we are offering supported employment that ensures a specific level of service and performance.  Whether that level of service is met by one individual or by a work group cohort in conjunction with a job coach, your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed.  CLAC maintains a special minimum wage certificate with the US Department of Labor, and is also able to accept piece rate pay, making our menu of services very competitive as compared to the market as a whole.