Life Enrichment


Life Enrichment Program

 The Life Enrichment Program provides supports for general enrichment, sensory and therapeutic treatment, and pre-vocational skill building.



 Enrichment supports are designed for individuals who are transitioning from a work-centered lifestyle to one of decreased focus on employment. This program focuses on regular physical activity, overall wellness, socialization, and recreation and leisure. Enrichment supports are is administered through a choice of personalized activities in-center and in the community. 


Sensory and Treatment Supports

 The sensory and treatment supports provide assistance to individuals who need specialized sensory activities and services. Individuals with specialized physical exercise routines, health treatment needs and focused communication supports to express wants and needs, find these services as a beneficial framework for skill building in all areas of life. 


 At the Chisago Lakes Achievement Center, our primary goal is to assist the person served in achieving their optimal potential. At CLAC we firmly believe that each person deserves the right of choice and should be afforded the opportunity to pursue employment and pastimes that are stimulating and interesting to them. This means persons served define their own quality of life and interests. 


 We strive to enable each person to become productive members of society through life skills enrichment and understanding the responsibilities of self determination. Our programs and supports are continuously evolving based on individual wants and needs, environmental factors, medical advancements, and communication feedback. We are always open to discuss any of our services and supports. Contact us! 


 Our readiness programs are continuously evolving based on the individual needs of our clients, environmental factors, medical advancements, and community feedback.  Contact our center today to discuss any of our offerings with one of our certified professionals.